Should I Rent or Own My Scale

February 4, 2019

There are two main reasons why renting a scale may be right for your company. Either your full-time scale is being repaired, or you only have need of a scale for a temporary project.

When Your Scale is Out For Repairs

Many of our rental clients come to us because their normal business scale is being repaired. If we are doing the repair work ourselves, we give you a loaner scale to utilize so that your business never misses a beat.

If your business depends on a scale for its everyday activity, even being without one for one or two days can be devastating. Some businesses like medication dispensaries, absolutely cannot function without their properly working scale.

When You Only Need a Scale For the Short-Term

The other side of the rental coin is the business that only needs a scale for a short amount of time. Perhaps your business is cyclical like the farming industry, and you only need a scale during harvest season rather than for the entire year. You may not have the space to store a scale for the entire year, and thus you choose to rent one at the times when you will actually be using it.

Another reason to rent a scale is when you are doing a contract job, away from your normal business premises. It may be much easier to rent a scale, that is delivered and picked back up when the work is complete than trying to move your own scale to the temporary job site.

Some businesses require a scale once per year at inventory time. Perhaps you have spare or scrap metal that needs to be weighed before recycling. Maybe you just need a very accurate inventory or items that are counted by weight. Whatever the reason, a rental scale is often the best bet in these scenarios.

When To Lease a Scale

Another great option for businesses that need scales for a more long-term rental period is the scale lease. When leasing, you will have the scale you need on your premises, but we will be responsible for maintaining it, repairing it, and calibrating it. All of that responsibility will be included in your lease.

Another reason that businesses choose to lease is the possibility of keeping up with all the current technology. Many of our lease agreements allow for upgrades at various intervals. You never have to worry about using equipment that is obsolete, and you will always have the peace of mind knowing that your scale is absolutely accurate. Sometimes, leasing is actually cheaper than purchasing a scale when you consider the maintenance and calibration needs.

Talk to the Experts

Whether you are in the market to rent, lease, or buy a scale, we are the experts that you need. We can help you choose the correct piece of equipment that will maximize your efficiency. Plus, we can help you decide which avenue will be appropriate for your need. We can suggest whether the long term benefits reside in the rental, the lease agreement with upgrades, or the buying of a scale

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