What’s Good Enough? Why Scale Calibration Is So Important

July 28, 2020

You’ve probably heard the saying “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” When it comes to measuring and delivering products, close is not good enough. Deliverables must be exact. Partnering with an industrial scale calibration service in South Texas is essential to ensure your products adhere to accepted standards. Here’s why this is so important.

Accepted standards

A calibration standard has a value that is universally recognized. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is the body that oversees these standards in the United States. If something is referred to as “NIST traceable” this means the measurement device adheres to these accepted standards.
When an organization follows these standards, other companies and customers can confidently work with or purchase from the organization. They can know what to expect from products and services based on the shared standards.

Customer expectations

Imagine if a customer ordered a bookshelf to fit a specific wall of their living room. Yet, when the furniture arrived, the measurements were far from what the manufacturer claimed, because the tools used to create the shelf weren’t calibrated. It’s three inches larger than it should be, and now it won’t fit in their space.
Or picture a customer who ordered a 15-pound bag of sand to hold down their basketball hoop. When the bag arrives, it is too light to be effective, and they discover it weighs closer to 10 pounds.
Or what if a worried parent took their infant’s temperature and rushed him to the ER because the thermometer read two degrees higher than it should have?
In industrial settings, scenarios like these are endless when a company doesn’t use an industrial scale calibration service in South Texas. Non-standard results will disappoint customers again and again.

Cost and budgeting

Companies also benefit financially by using an industrial scale calibration service in South Texas. When the details of each product and service are precise and accurate, the organization is better able to budget and plan. Less money is wasted on errors, repairs and remakes. The cost of manufacturing and delivering goods can be easily calculated based on standards used throughout the process.

Company reputation

An industrial scale calibration service in South Texas can also help a company establish a positive reputation in their industry. By providing reliable results based on calibrated methods, the company becomes a trusted source of goods and services. Customers know they can count on the company to deliver as expected. This improves repeat business and allows the company to grow.
On the flip side, if a company repeatedly delivers non-standard results, it will develop a negative reputation. This can result in loss of business and company failure. To avoid this downturn, organizations can partner with an industrial scale calibration service in South Texas.

Get calibrated

Is your equipment up to standards? Contact Texas Measurement & Calibration Services, LLC to ensure your tools are reliable and accurate. We specialize in providing calibration services for scales, flow meters, pressure meters, thermometers, audiometers and more. Our thorough calibration process will ensure that your equipment meets expectations and delivers quality results. Call us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to keeping you calibrated.

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