Calibration Services in South Texas

Calibration Services in South TexasOur calibration services span the gamut of measurement devices you own, ensuring accuracy, reliability and repeatability. We offer a complete range of instrument calibration in South Texas, specifically including flow meters, pressure meters, audiometers, gas meters and more. Our calibration services come backed by NIST traceable certification. Some of Parameters we calibrate include:

  •  Audio
  •  Chemical
  •  Electrical
  •  Force
  •  Humidity
  •  Mass
  •  Medical devices
  •  Phys. Dem.
  •  Pressure
  • Radiation
  •  Temperature
  •  Time and frequency
  •  Torque
  • Other

We offer calibration services regardless of scale manufacturer, installer or age. Our general scope of abilities includes:

  • Pressure meters: Vacuum to 10,000 PSI: We pride ourselves on being the standard for pressure gauge calibration in South Texas. Our techs are familiar with all leading industry names, including Perma-Cal, Ashcroft and Wika. Call on us for calibration of pressure gauges and pressure release valves.
  • Flow meters: 1GPM to 325GPM: Another of our specialties, we service flow meters of all types, including mag meters, roots meters, differential pressure meters, Venturi meters, Coriolis meters, ultrasonic meters, displacement meters and more.
  • Temperature: Sourced -13°f to 750°f Simulated Full range, Allow us to check and adjust the calibration of your thermometers regardless of the application. We can work with glass thermometers, RTD’s resistance temperature devices, secondary/primary reference thermometers, TC’s thermocouples, ovens, environmental chambers, environmental baths, non-contact infrared thermometers and more!
  • Chemical: PH, TDS, O2 DO and many more: utilizing calibration traceable solutions we can calibrate your various chemical meters and monitoring equipment. This can include DO, PH, TDS meters. Refractometers Brix Saline & oil testing, We can even verify LEL and Environmental safety monitors.
  • Volume: 1 mL to 1250 L/325 gal: From pipettes & graduated if it measures volume we have you covered.
  • Humidity: 0-95% humidity: From your hand held Humidity meter, Hygrometer to Thermo-Humidigraphs and even environmental chambers.
  • MASS: Weight calibration capabilities dependent on class: NIST Class F, OIML, ASTM class weights even Geological hammers, TMCS is the only local mass calibration source in South Texas with the measurement of uncertainty to meet the above standards.
  • Physical Dimensional: Calipers, Micrometers, Depth Gauges, Bore mics, height gauges, Surface plates / Surface flats if it is a dimensional measurement let us calibrate them. No more having to pack them up and wait on shipping.
  • Electrical: AC Volts, DC Volts, Current, Resistance: If you have a multi meter panel meter or almost any device that measures or sources an electrical signal we are here to help meet your calibration needs for this field
  • Time & Frequency: Watches, Counters & Signal generators: Stopwatches, chart recorder, RPM meters, frequency counters and signal generators , if it has to do with time or frequency, you guessed it we calibrate it.
  • Acoustics: 1hz-20khz TMCS also has the ability to calibrate various acoustic equipment to meet your DOT OSHA FDA and other regulatory testing requirements. This includes the ability to calibrate , test, monitor and evaluate audiometers, sound level generators, sound level meters, monitor and evaluate environments and sound booths to certify them or establish hearing protection requirements you may need to implement.
  • Medical Devices: While most medical devices are in some way or form related to an field mentioned above, we feel to clarify to our medical field customers some of the items we can calibrate for them too. Some of these items include but are not limited to the following. Audiometers, temperature, o2 concentrators, blood pressure, iv infusion pump, centrifuges, patient monitors, ekg/ecg, electrical safety audits, scales (patient, bariatric, lift, bed, chair) Have an item not on this list give us a call there is a good chance we have already added it to our list of capabilities or might have overlooked it and will add it so we can meet your needs.
  • Torque and Force. Torque 1inl-b to 2000 ft-lbs. We have an array of torque transducers and test weights available to meet your torque testing needs our testing range is ever growing so give us a call to verify if you have an item that exceeds this range as we are already looking to increase our ability to 8000 foot lbs.  Force no problem as a scale provider we have access to the latest load cell technology and currently can calibrate force up to and included 400,000 lbs. So if you have a force machine or an airplane scale or a lift stand that needs verification to comply with OSHA requirements you know how to call.
  • Radiation: we have on hand a series of radiation calibration sources to validate and calibrate your radiation monitors and detectors. Please call or email us with your list of items as every manufacturers may require a different source and we need to ensure we have it on hand prior to accepting your item for calibration.

Sensitive Calibration Services

Whether we’re ensuring the accuracy of your thermometers or performing torque calibration in Southern Texas, count on Texas Measurement & Calibration Solutions, LLC for all of your sensitive calibration services. Reach us today at 956-335-5911 to schedule an appointment and to learn more about our abilities.

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