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Scale Calibration Tips and Best Practices

August 10, 2020

Scale calibration is an important aspect of delivering reliable, accurate goods and services. Of course, proper calibration depends on the use of calibration best practices. To keep your scales standardized, use the following tips from your local weight scale calibration company in South Texas. Frequency How often you should calibrate your scale depends on three major factors. The first is regulations. Does the law require you to calibrate your scale annually? Quarterly? Daily? Always follow the laws that govern your industry when deciding how often to calibrate your scale. The second factor is the commodity itself. The accuracy of the... View Article

What’s Good Enough? Why Scale Calibration Is So Important

July 28, 2020

You’ve probably heard the saying “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” When it comes to measuring and delivering products, close is not good enough. Deliverables must be exact. Partnering with an industrial scale calibration service in South Texas is essential to ensure your products adhere to accepted standards. Here’s why this is so important. Accepted standards A calibration standard has a value that is universally recognized. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is the body that oversees these standards in the United States. If something is referred to as “NIST traceable” this means the measurement device adheres... View Article

5 Essential Features To Look For In Commercial Scales Send Bonus

April 8, 2020

It can be overwhelming when it comes to determining which commercial scale is right for your farm, lab, or business. It’s not as simple as choosing a retail scale for home use. From digital scales to crane scales to bench scales to platform scales and more, there are endless possibilities and types of weighing application to consider. Whether you’re selecting a scale to weigh livestock or measuring ingredients in a laboratory, there are 5 key features you can look at that will help you narrow your options until you find the right scale. 1. Size of Platform The size of... View Article

Why You Need Scale Calibration Services

April 8, 2020

When you use a scale, you want it to be as accurate as possible whether you’ve never used it before or you’ve had it for years. Unfortunately, scales can lose accuracy for multiple reasons and need to be adjusted to regain the highest level of accuracy possible. This process is called calibration. Knowing when and why to calibrate your scale can help you keep your scale accurate no matter when you use it. What is scale calibration? Calibration is a way to find a relationship between two unknown quantities. The process uses one quantity that is known, which has been... View Article

Why You Need Professional Scale Repair

August 12, 2019

Most of the time, when electronic devices break down for people, their first thought is to purchase a replacement. That’s because we live in a disposable society which typically favors new items over repairing the existing devices.  When it comes to precision scales, it very often happens that the better option is to repair the scale rather than replace it. Of course, the very best approach is to have your precision equipment inspected and serviced on a regular schedule so that you can identify and manage any lurking issues before they develop into more severe problems. Laboratory scales can become... View Article

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