Scale Rentals in Southern Texas

If you need access to a piece of industrial metrology equipment, but don’t have the budget or full-time demand for one, Texas Measurement & Calibration Solutions, LLC can help. We offer both rental and leasing programs for a wide variety of scales, helping you get the metrology solutions you need, at a price that makes sense for your budget.

Every single piece of equipment we rent or lease is meticulously calibrated. A scale needs calibration any time it’s moved—even something like its distance from the poles or from the center of the earth affects the accuracy of its function. We leave no room for error, with comprehensive calibration every time we place a scale for rent or lease.

Who Benefits From Scale Rentals?

There are many reasons to consider scale rental in South Texas from Texas Measurement & Calibration Solutions, LLC. We provide a temporary solution to a temporary demand, helping our customers carry out their business operations without hindrance. Some examples of rental situations include:


  • If you have metrology equipment being repaired, yet have a continuous need for said equipment. We can provide a suitable rental and will reimburse the cost of that rental if we’re doing the repair work.
  • If there is an increase in demand for metrology work and you don’t currently have the ability or the capital to purchase a new piece of equipment to supplement your operations.
  • If you have seasonal or temporary demand for a piece of equipment that doesn’t justify purchasing it outright. Similarly, if you’re working at a temporary location, we can deliver a rental for the duration of your work there.
    Our goal is to meet your unique and specific demands for metrology equipment by providing convenient, well-calibrated rentals.

Why Lease a Scale?

Rental 2If your demand for a scale is ongoing, but the cost of owning one isn’t conducive to your business, scale leasing in South Texas is a smart alternative. For example, a piece of equipment like a dynamometer is expensive, but if you don’t need it on a near-daily basis, it may not be worth the total cost of ownership and upkeep.

Texas Measurement & Calibration Solutions, LLC offers long-term leases that give customers the best of both worlds: Access to the metrology equipment they need, without the high cost of ownership. We take care of everything throughout the duration of the lease, including repairs, maintenance and calibration. Depending on the scale type, we can even furnish you with upgrades as technology improves every few years.

For as long as you lease a piece of equipment, you’ll get peace of mind in its accuracy and the caliber of its measurements, alongside the functionality your business demands.

Talk to us About Your Needs

If you need access to a piece of metrology equipment, consult with Texas Measurement & Calibration Solutions, LLC today. We can discuss rental and leasing options with you depending on your needs, and we work hard to ensure you’re getting a great value and the equipment you need. Reach us today at 956-335-5911.

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Item Weekly Billed per week 1-3 months Billed Monthly 3-6 months Billed Monthly Delivery, Set up & Pick up (75 mile radius) Sample picture of what you will receive
Lab Balance 100 300 250 85 Rental
Bench Scale 50 150 125 85 Rental
Floor scale 125 400 375 150 Rental
Counting Scale 50 150 125 85 Rental
Counting Floor Combo 150 500 400 150 Rental
Crane Scale 150 500 400 85 Rental
Axle Pad scale 500 1900 1675 Please Call ** Rental
Truck Scale* 900 3800 3300 Please Call ** Rental