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Our experience as a scale company goes back more than 2 decades, making us incredibly knowledgeable about any type of scale you may need or operate, as well as the services necessary to maintain those scales. If it is a lab balance, bench scale, floor scale, truck scales or even an automated system that weighs, look to us for all of the scales and scale services required to keep you in business, operating with transparency.

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Scale Services

Regardless of the rate of use or the type of duress they’re put through, your scales need routine maintenance and specialized attention if they’re going to remain functionally accurate and reliable. Texas Measurement & Calibration Solutions, LLC delivers the support necessary to ensure things run smoothly at all times. Our abilities include:

  • Calibration: Regardless of the scale type or the level of calibration it needs, we take pride in providing the most thorough and accurate calibration possible. Our scale calibration service in South Texas is second to none and we guarantee accuracy, repeatability and reliability, backed by NIST traceable certification.
  • Routine Maintenance:Even the best and most reliable scale needs a little maintenance, routine Spot checks, cleaning and greasing of critical loading points, grounding and electrical checks, pit cleaning and pressure washing , cell health and shielding leakage, even routine painting. Failure to properly maintain your scale can and will cost more money than the service itself. This will inevitably lead to excessive inaccurate weighments unnecessary repairs and even premature failure of your weighing equipment.
  • Refurbishing Retrofits & Upgrades: Sometimes, all an old reliable scale needs to carry on functioning flawlessly, is a little attention. We can refurbish retrofit & upgrade a wide range of scales to help them maintain their validity, lowering your ROI and limiting your liabilities.
  • Rental: Need a scale for a day week or just dont want to worry about the maintenance, calibration or repairs associated with owning a scale. Let us build a custom rental or long term lease program for you

We aim to be your all-in-one expert for scale services and always make it a point to tailor our capabilities around the needs of each customer.


Track the progress of your repairs, request a repair or calibration, retrieve certificates and services orders, and much more with myCal+.

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Types of Scales

Take a look at some of the types of scales we have to offer:

  • Analytical balances
  • Lab balances
  • Bench scales
  • Floor scales
  • Hanging scales
  • Crane scales / Dynometers
  • Automated Weighing Systems
  • Rail Scales
  • Truck scale calibration
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A Leader in Scale Services

Let Texas Measurement & Calibration Solutions, LLC show you why we’re the local leader for scale services! Reach us today at 956-335-5911 for more information about our complete range of capabilities or to schedule an appointment for service.

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